How to Turn Your Empty Hangar Into a Revenue Stream

Whether you own a private plane or manage an FBO, chances are you have a hangar or hangars you want to keep full. An empty hangar is just empty space.

Hangars aren’t a cheap acquisition any way you slice it. If you built a hangar on your own property, you probably paid around $20 a square foot or more. But the real cost of a hangar can be even more expensive. The overall expense can vary depending on land value, local taxes, regulations, and more.

If you rent a space to store your plane instead of building or buying your own hangar, you probably pay somewhere around the national average of $275-$375 a month. And just like a house or apartment, you pay the rent even when you’re out of town and your hangar sits empty.

What if we told you there was a way to recoup some of your hangar expenses by renting it out on a daily basis to the transient pilot community? With Daily Hangar, we can help you do just that.

From FBOs with under-utilized hangar space to private owners looking to turn their hangar into a money-maker, here’s how Daily Hangar can help you make the most of unused hangar space.

How FBOs Can Make Money with Daily Hangar

1. Increase your visibility

If you’re an FBO manager, you likely have a handful of single-plane T-hangars or maybe a large, multi-craft box hangar available for the transient or corporate aircraft. Minimizing unused space and maximizing your exposure to the traveling aircraft is key.

Daily Hangar enables FBOs to easily list available hangar space online, connecting them with pilots looking to hangar their plane for short term storage. With options for visibility to all or only certain types of aircraft, you can draw the traffic you want at the price you set. Daily Hangar provides an interactive map that allows your potential customer to find you easier; at their leisure or in a time of need.

2. Promote features no one else has

As extreme weather patterns have increasingly become more frequent across the country, pulling your prospective clients into your safe and dry hangar keeps them happy and your hangars full. Remember to showcase your hangars’ best features for your prospective client to quickly reference and visually see where they are going to be storing their plane for the night.

3. Booking process made easy

The Daily Hanger platform is perfect for the last-minute bookings but also for a tool to help manage rentals on a day to day basis. Rather than having to call several airports or private hangar owners for availability, pilots can quickly view your FBO’s available hangar spaces, make sure it suits their needs, and book it without having to make any calls. We also offer a reservation/correspondence log system for referencing the reservation request and a calendar that logs each incoming reservation so you do not overbook yourself.

Listing your existing hangars on Daily Hangar can add a level of convenience for your customers and exposure for your available hangar space, allowing you to grow your operation and attract more pilots from across the country.

How Private Hangar Owners Can Offset Hangar Costs with Daily Hangar

1. List your hangar for any dates that work with your schedule

Daily Hangar is a powerful tool to help private hangar owners make extra cash on their unused hangar space. There are currently limited avenues for private hangar owners to advertise available hangar space, should your aircraft be out for its annual maintenance or you over-built your hangar in hopes you upgrade someday. Help to foster options where your fellow pilots can hangar their plane and make some money in the process.

2. Get noticed and start making extra cash

Sign up for free, take amazing pictures of your hangar, provide the details on any amenities your hangar may offer (tug, etc), and set your price to put your hangar space on the map.

After listing all your hangar details, there are a few extra ways you can leverage Daily Hangar to accommodate pilots:

  • If you have a single-plane hangar and use the space for your own aircraft, you can still accept bookings and move your plane to an outside tie-down when hosting guests’ planes.
  • If you’re taking a trip in your plane, you can list your hangar as available while you’re away. You can use Daily Hangar to find affordable spaces across the country to hangar your plane while traveling.
  • If your hangar space is large enough for two planes, you can rent out the additional space without having to give up your plane’s hangar space.

There are really no downsides to renting out your hangar space — book it out on your schedule and on your own pricing terms

Get Started with Daily Hangar Today

The first step to becoming part of the Daily Hangar community is listing your hangar. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy.

You upload photos, describe the dimensions and amenities of your space, list its location, provide directions and other instructions for pilots, set the cost and finalize your payout settings. It’s that simple. Read our guide to getting started as a hangar host »