What is Daily Hangar?

Daily Hangar is a family owned and operated business catering to the flying community. Our website is developed to enhance the flying experience by bringing transient pilots and hangar owners together on one site. Pilots can easily find hangar space to rent on a well designed site. Private hangar owners, municipalities and FBO’s can list their usable hangar space on a safe site designed for the aviation community. Learn more about Daily Hangar

Hangars offer planes a safe and secure alternative to outside tie-downs allowing pilots ease of mind knowing their aircraft is protected from the ever increasing hazards encountered by quickly changing weather. Your aircraft is important to you. We want to make hangars as easy to access as tie-downs. Please review our website to find out how easily you can reserve or list a hangar.

Upon initiation of a reservation, pilots and hangar hosts can communicate in the Messages area of your Dashboard to confirm details and coordination.

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Common Questions:

Q: Is there an annual or monthly fee to use this service?

A: No. A simple service fee is calculated into your rental rate upon booking.

Q: Can I cancel a booking?

A: Cancellations are accepted up to the day before the reservation. If you need to cancel at the last minute due to weather or other extenuating issues, the hangar host will determine if there is a cancellation fee. A $10 service fee is forfeited for cancellation on the day of the booking.

Q: Do I need to know the size of my aircraft or can I make a request with only the make and model?

A: We strongly encourage you to accurately input your aircraft dimensions as it is imperative that your plane fits in the hangar your booking. Although we have built in sizes for different makes and models of aircraft, any modifications in the aircraft may alter the dimensions (tip tanks, winglets, tundra tires, etc).

Q: Can this site be used for long term rental of a hangar?

A: The intended use of this website is for transient pilots to find hangar space. There are no limitations on duration built into the website for length of stay.

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