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Whether you’re a single owner, a large company, or somewhere in between, sign up to host your hangar on Daily Hangar and show the flying community why you are the best location to hangar down for the night.

The next steps to becoming a host

1. Sign Up to Host Your Hangar

It is free to create a listing on Daily Hangar. Be sure to tell us all about your hangar through description, photos, amenities, etc. so your potential renters can easily find what they are looking for.

You know your hangar best. Because of that we have created what we call Layouts to allow you to configure as many ways to fit planes into your hangar as possible. Filling out this tool to the best of your ability will help to automate the management of your hangar’s availability.

3. Manage Your Hangar Listing/s and Bookings

There are multiple tools to aid in the management of your hangar listing/s. Sign up to access your portal containing a calendar, message center, layout management and more.

When pilots have booked, the access and level of customer service is up to you. We offer a rating and comment section for both the pilot and hangar owner to rate each stay and improve the word of mouth marketing of your hangar!

2. Pilots Find Your Listing and Request to Book

Please note that your hangar will only be visible to pilots searching if there is vacancy in your hangar. This should alleviate receiving requests to book when there is no space to accommodate.

When pilots find your hangar and are ready to book, an email notification identifying a request to book will be sent to your inbox. Please respond promptly to inquiring guest to secure your booking.

4. We’re looking out for you

When pilots sign up they include their insurance information and specifics of their plane. We want to avoid any accidents but should those occur we want you to have the right information available to be up and running.

We don’t charge any upfront fees until a booking occurs so you can enjoy setting up and marketing your hangar without worrying if you can afford it. Only upon transaction will there be a small 4% service fee collected on the price of the rental.

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Never rented out your hangar... or you do it for a living. One site that helps you manage this process all at your fingertips. We hope your hangar is never empty.

— John Euwema, Co-Founder
Daily Hangar

We don't want to change what you do, we want to make it easier. Safe, Simple, Secure. Daily Hangar is here to help get planes in hangars, no matter where you are.

— Mark Euwema, Co-Founder
Daily Hangar

Common Questions From Hangar Hosts:

Q: As a hangar host, can I decide if I can fit more or less planes into the hangar based on my situation for a given date?

A: The hangar host can control how many planes they accept on any given day. You may merely deny reservation requests. You can also accept planes for your waitlist if you feel that you might be able to accommodate more planes than you listed in your Hangar Layouts.

Q: I am a small private hangar owner, can I list my hangar?

A: Yes, we encourage private hangar owners to list their hangars. Please ensure that you have proper clearance to perform this sublease of your property and do not need further authorization from the airport manager or other governing body to provide hangar shelter for transient aircraft. You will need to make arrangements for meeting the transient pilot to give them entry and needed access.

Q: Does Daily Hangar provide any insurance for the hangar host?

A: No, Daily Hangar does not provide insurance for the hangar host or the plane owner/operator. Daily Hangar is merely a reservation service.

Q: How do I arrange for the pilot to get into to the hangar?

A: You as a hangar host are responsible for these arrangements. You need to make sure you are accessible to meet the pilot or have an acceptable method of access for the aircraft operator to get into the reserved facility.

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