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Step 3: New Host / Pilot Checklist

Hangar Hosts - collect the following items for the next step

  1. A picture of your hangar, inside and out.
  2. The dimensions of your hangar and the dimensions of the door.
  3. The GPS coordinates for your hangar, you can use the app link here if you need an app on your phone: GPS Coordinates Finder
  4. Proof of ownership of the hangar, download this document to your computer before you sign up.
  5. Plan how you will give access to a pilot to get in and out of the hangar- will you meet then, use a lock box, etc.
  6. Look at your hangar and plan what layouts for aircraft sizes are feasible. Watch the video link here to help you understand how this will work. You can have as many hangar layouts as you wish.
  7. Decide if you want to have a wait list for your hangar. If you have a wait list and you get a cancellation, you may have other candidates that can move into the hangar. Pilots can cancel 24 hours ahead of the day they have a reservation for with no charge.

Pilots - collect the following items for the next step

  1. One featured picture of your aircraft.
  2. Define your Plane Type.
    • There are over 600 makes and models of aircraft. Daily Hangar wanted to make it easier to categorize the planes fitting into your hangar. We have come up with 6 basic sizes of aircraft. From type 1 (smaller single/multi-engine) to type 6 (the largest of multi-engine planes and jets). The type sizes were developed based on the most planes that fit into the size ranges indicated. We will also collect the height of the aircraft from the pilot to be certain the aircraft will fit in your hangar door.
  3. Plane insurance certificate OR proof of rental agreement.
  4. Length, Width, and Height dimensions of aircraft.

Final notes before you complete your sign up..

By clicking the orange 'Complete Sign Up' button below, your initial sign up will be complete and you'll be redirected to your personal Dashboard to manage hangar reservations. But before you can reserve a hangar, you'll need to complete these two tasks:

1. Add Your Plane or Hangar
When you land on your Dashboard, you will see either the Add Plane or Add Hangar module, or both. You must add your plane or hangar before being able to book.

2. Add Your Payment Information
Next, from you Dashboard, scroll down to your Account Settings section toward the bottom and look for 'Charge Account' or 'Payment Account'. Click the button to add your payment information.

Look for one of these modules when you first arrive in your Dashboard:

*Important note for Hosts: Once you setup your hangar, it will not be an active listing until Daily Hangar has approved your hangar for the website.

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